Ancestors of J. Timothy COLE

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Meet the author, Timothy Cole!
Hello, my name is Tim Cole and I live at 845 No. Calumet Ave., Chesterton, Indiana 46304, where all the Coles have lived since 1835 when they and the Dillinghams came here from Huron Co., Ohio. This is the genealogy that I've pieced together with a lot of help from my Uncle Fred Cole who originally put it into shape back in 1903 and Cousin Lewis Cole of Wisconsin who has done invaluable research and supplied parts I thought were lost forever.  I need to especially acknowledge Edward Dillingham of California and David Wiltshire of England for their Dillingham contributions and from whom I borrowed unashamedly.  I also need to thank a lot of friends and relatives who came forward with their stories and photos.  Come to think of it, I didn't do a whole lot...

This is the story of all those COLEs.
Please feel free to add or correct by sending me email or writing me directly.
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This is where I live. The house was built by my great-grandfather, George Cole, in 1895.

Table of Contents

BulletAncestors of Jack Timothy COLE
BulletMeet my wife and two daughters
BulletSee the Cole Journey
BulletSome more genealogy Links...
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Descendants of James Cole (1600) *

                         *[Some of this data from E. B. Cole has  errors -- J. T. Cole]
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